A Win For Academic Freedom!

June 21, 2013. FAU reappoints Deandre Poole for 2013-14 academic year

The union reports that Dr. Deandre Poole has signed a summer contract and a full-year contract as of today. This is a huge victory for faculty and FAU in general that reinforces academic freedom on campus.

The union would like to thank all faculty who had spoken-up regarding academic freedom at faculty senate and in public forums, the members of the Academic Freedom and Due Process Committee who diligently researched the events and the administration’s response to the controversy, and those who joined the protest for academic freedom. We must remain vigilant regarding this issue, but this re-assignment of a gifted instructor does not just benefit FAU students, but all faculty in having their academic freedom rights upheld in the classroom.

We should discuss the Academic Freedom Committee’s report this fall during faculty senate to more thoroughly analyze its discoveries and ways in which we can further guarantee academic freedom at FAU.

If you haven’t joined the union yet, you should do so. The union was at the forefront of addressing the issues of academic freedom on campus by bringing it to the faculty senate’s attention and asking for the reconvening of the Committee on Academic Freedom and Due Process, which had been defunct for years. The union had also drawn this issue to a wider public forum through its vigilant interaction with the local and national press. Without the union doing so, it seems safe to assume the outcome would have likely been rather different.

A strong union protects all of us better. Download the membership form (PDF) and send to Chris Robe’, CU 214, FAU, Boca Raton. You may also learn more about the benefits of UFF membership here.

Chris Robe’
UFF-FAU President