Results of 2015 UFF-FAU Administrator Survey

College of Arts And Letters

Dean HEATHER COLTMAN upholds academic standards and maintains a scholarly atmosphere.
21            36%            5-Strongly Agree
6              10%            4-Agree
10            17%            3-Neutral
6              10%            2-Disagree
14            24%            1-Strongly Disagree
2              3%              0-Do Not Know

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UFF-FAU Executive Committee, 2019-2020


Chapter President: Deandre Poole, Communication,
First Vice President: Meredith Mountford, Education Leadership,
Second Vice President: Christopher Robé, Communication,
Treasurer: Shane Eason, Communication and Multimedia Studies
Secretary: Kathleen Moorhead, English,

Bargaining:  Bob Zoeller, Exercise Science,
Grievances/Contract Enforcement: Doug McGetchin, History,      Membership Co-Chair: Chris Robé, Communication and Multimedia Studies,
Membership Co-Chair: Andrew Gothard
Political Action:  Deandre Poole, Communication and Multimedia Studies
Communication:  Chris Robé, Kathleen Moorhead, Mike Budd

Meredith Mountford, Education
Deandre Poole, Communication and Multimedia Studies
Kathleen Moorhead, English
Eileen Ariza, Education
Doug McGetchin, History
Andrew Gothard, English
Philomena Marinaccio, Education
Nicole Morse, Communication and Multimedia Studies
Sarah Nielsen, Education
Shane Eason, Communication and Multimedia Studies                                               
Susannah Brown, Education
Daniela Nikolova, Mathematics
Bob Zoeller, Exercise Science
Bassem Alhalabi, Engineering
Eric Dunbaugh, Urban and Regional Planning
Ramona Rendon, Languages and Linguistics
Ali Farazamand, Public Administration
Carman Gill, Education
James Kumi-Diaka, Biological Sciences
Chris Robé, Communication and Multimedia Studies

Mary Faraci, English,, Culture and Society (Bldg. 97), Rm. 330
Kathleen Moorhead, English, kmoorheadfl@yahoo.comCulture and Society (Bld. 97),                      Rm. 306D
Chris Robé, Communication and Multimedia Studies,, Culture and
Society (Bldg. 97), Rm. 214
Miriam Ruthenberg, Languages and Linguistics,, Culture and
Society (Bldg. 97), Rm. 242
Phillip Hough, Sociology,, Culture and Society (Bldg. 97), Rm. 262
Edgar Pak-Cheung An,Ocean and Mechanical Engineering,,                    Engineering (Bldg. 36), Rm. 182
Bassem Alhalabi, Computer and Electrical Engineering,,
Engineering (Bldg. 96), Rm. 512
Daniela NIkilova, Mathematical Sciences,, Science (Bldg. 43),                    Rm. 280


UFF FAU Happy Hour will be this Friday (Jan. 23rd)

The event will be at the Irishman (1745 NW 2nd Ave) from 4:30 to 7:00 pm.

All FAU faculty are welcome to come and meet UFF members and have a great time!

Click on map for details.

Map to the Irishman

Directions: Leave FAU going east on 20th Street past the President’s house and go about two blocks to NW 2nd Ave (Boca Raton Blvd). At NW 2nd Ave take a right and go south for about two blocks. The IRISHMAN will be on your right at 1745 NW 2nd Ave.