Florida House Passes Anti-Union HB 25

(If you were thinking about joining the Union or referring a friend, please do so quickly. It is easy to see below why your membership is crucial to our survival. Click on the “join uff-fau” link above to receive a membership form, which is easy to fill out and submit to president@uff-fau.org )

The House passed HB 25 on January 25. The substance of the bill requires public employee unions to decertify if their membership falls below 50% at the time for recertification. The bill passed by a vote of 65-41 mostly on a party-line vote with a single Republican no vote. That despite the fact we are a union of members who choose to participate – no one can be forced to join our union. Florida is a right-to- work state where union membership or payment of union dues cannot be compelled. The Florida Constitution gives employees the right to join a union to give them a strong voice regarding wages and working conditions. This measure would take away that right. The bill is also potentially unconstitutional as it exempts first responder unions and is a direct attack on UFF and FEA unions and displays strong gender bias since 75% of FEA members are women.

The Senate companion, SB 1036, by Senator Greg Steube is referred to three Senate committees and has not had a hearing. While that news is optimistic, contacts to your senator are critical now that HB 25 has passed the House. Call (855)235-2469 and enter your zip code to find your senator.