Mandatory On-line Training

As you know, the University has mandated that all employees must take
and pass the on-line training course “Eliminating Campus Sexual
Violence”. In the e-mail directive sent to faculty, it further states
“Upon completion of the course you will be issued a Certificate of
Completion, which should be provided to your supervisor for inclusion as
part of your annual evaluation.”
First, we recognize the problem of sexual harassment and violence at FAU
and all American universities. We support such educational efforts and
encourage everyone to take the course, if you haven’t already done so.
Having said that, I’ve received a number of e-mails expressing concern
about the linking of this course to the annual evaluation. I share that
concern. It represents a change to our annual assignments without
consultation and creates other potential contractual problems. I have
spoken directly to the Provost about this and have sent my specific
concerns in writing to the President. I am awaiting his response at the
time of this communication.