Standardized Class Scheduling

The university is making sweeping changes to course scheduling starting
Spring 2016. We’re being told FAU will not be given funds to start new
building construction unless it can demonstrate that existing space is
being “utilized optimally”. (Fridays were pointed out as being
especially underutilized.) The proposed scheduling changes are confusing
and untested. There appears to be no more MW classes in the new
paradigm. However, MWF classes are encouraged, it would seem. If you
choose to deliver your class on one day (2 hr. 50 min block), there must
be “pairing” of another class of the same length T,Th or WF – again, no
Monday classes. So Monday is the new Friday???
For better or worse, these schedule changes are going to have huge
impacts on students, faculty and programs. As this proposed schedule is
rolled out, we are told that faculty will have opportunity for feedback.
I encourage you to attend any workshops or special meetings to get
informed and ask the hard questions.