Summary of Changes in Proposed 2012-2015 UFF-FAUBOT Collective Bargaining Agreement

May 15, 2013. Proposed changes include paid parental leave, Post-tenure review

(changes are italicized and in red)

Article 9 / Assignment of Responsibilities – 9.5 Summer Assignment a) The summer instructional assignment, like that for the academic year, includes the normal activities related to such an assignment as defined by the department/unit and the nature of the course, such as course preparation minor curriculum development, lectures, evaluation of student efforts, consultations and conferences with students, and minor committee activities during the period of assignment. Other credit generating activities such as thesis or dissertation supervision, directed independent studies, supervised teaching or research, or supervision of student interns, as well as research or service activities, may be offered during the summer term for agreed-to compensation for that specific activity separate from the compensation provided for any summer instructional assignment.

UFF is recommending that faculty work with their respective faculty assemblies to set the compensation rates for these activities.

Article 10 / Employee Performance Evaluations – 10.1 Policy b) Post-Tenure Review. The purpose of Post-tenure review (PTR) is to document sustained performance of assigned duties, acknowledge achievements, and to provide the opportunity for a longer range view of performance and accomplishments. It is also intended to enhance public trust in the University by ensuring that the faculty community undertakes regular and rigorous efforts to hold all of its members accountable for high performance standards. c) The annual evaluation process and the post-tenure review process are separate and independent of each other, and may run concurrently.

10.7 Post-Tenure Review a) Policy. The parties agree that a post-tenure review policy serves a necessary function at the University to recognize faculty excellence and deficiencies through peer review. Prior to implementation, the Provost or designee shall form a committee including an elected tenured in-unit faculty member from each college and administrators to consult regarding the details and operation of the post-tenure review policy. b) Criteria. The post-tenure review shall be based on assigned duties and shall carefully consider the nature of the assignments, including where applicable, those listed in Article 10.4 (a-e) above. c) policy Modifications. The Provost or designee may modify these criteria after notifying the UFF Chapter of the proposed changes and offering an opportunity to discuss them in consultation with the Provost or designee. Changes shall not become effective until one year following the adoption of the changes, unless mutually agreed to in writing. However, faculty undergoing a post-tenure review within the subsequent five years after the policy is modified may choose to be evaluated using the then existing or newly modified policy. Thereafter, only the new criteria will apply.

Article 11 / Evaluation File 11.6 Peer Evaluations. Evaluative materials or summaries thereof, prepared by peers as part of a regular evaluation system, may be placed in an evaluation file when signed by the evaluator or a representative of a peer committee with a copy provided to the employee. The employee being evaluated shall have the opportunity to review and sign the evaluation prior to it being placed in the evaluation file.

Article 12 / Non-Reappointment. 12.2 Notice a.7) FAUS employees will be notified of a subsequent annual appointment offer on or before May 1 prior to the expiration of their appointment. 12.2 b) Employees in the following categories are not entitled to written notice that they will not be offered further employment. b.5) Employees with an offer letter or Notice of Employment which states, in substance, that their employment will cease on the date indicated.  b 6) Employees with an offer letter for a specified fixed term of employment.

Instructors who received modified letters of appointment and who were eligible for Notice of non-reappointment prior to 2010 should have received a letter from the University reinstating their right to notice.

Article 14 / Promotion Procedure. 14.2 Criteria. b) When new criteria are adopted and approved, faculty submitting an application for promotion within the subsequent three years may choose to be evaluated using the old or new criteria, thereafter, only the new criteria will apply c) Limited Access Information. Promotion file records are limited access records and shall be available offered for inspection only by the employee, the employees representative, university and Board officials who use the information in carrying out their responsibilities, peer committees responsible for evaluating employee performance, or by court order. Arbitrators or others engaged by the parties to resolve disputes may view the records upon consent by the employee whose file is requested or by court order.

Article 15 / Tenure 15.2 Permanent Status for FAUS Employees will be in accordance with Florida Statutes.

Article 16 / Disciplinary Action and Job Abandonment. 16.8 Job Abandonment. a) An employee absent without authorized leave for either seven or more consecutive calendar days; or for five or more consecutive classes over a five or more calendar day period, shall be considered to have abandoned the position and voluntarily resigned from the university, unless the absence is for reasons beyond the control of the employee and the employee notifies the university as soon as possible.

Article 17 / Leaves. 17.9 Paid Parental Leave. A faculty member may utilize paid parental leave for a period of one regular (Fall or Spring) semester no more than once every three years during his or her employment with the university. Such paid parental leave will be taken no later than a year from the point when the faculty member becomes a biological parent or a child is placed in the faculty members home for purposes of adoption. a) Commitment to return. The faculty member must agree in writing to return to University employment for at least one academic year following utilization of paid parental leave. a faculty member who fails to fulfill this commitment will be responsible for repayment of the portion of the parental leave utilized. b) Extent of paid parental leave. Paid parental leave will not be granted for more than one semester on a three year rolling basis. Paid parental leave may not be granted to two faculty members for the same birth or adoption. c) Notice and use with other leaves. The faculty member will request the use of paid parental leave in writing no later than three months prior to the beginning of the leave. A shorter notice period may be permitted for good cause and/or special circumstances at the discretion of the faculty member’s dean. Parental leave is separate from, but may run concurrently with, medical leave or FMLA leave. d) Signed agreement. The faculty member will sign a written agreement detailing the terms o0f the paid parental leave. Participation in paid parental leave is contingent upon the execution of the signed agreement. e) Repayment. Repayment of salary received during the paid parental leave will be required if salary is paid in the absence of a written agreement signed by the faculty member or when the faculty member fails to comply with the terms of the signed agreement.

17.10 Leaves Due to Illness/Injury. In the event of an illness/injury, a documented medical absence may be approved for up to six months with the appropriate (including step and foster) of both the employee and the spouse/domestic partner, and dependents living in the household. a) Sick Leave. 6) Payment for Unused Sick Leave. No payment for unused sick leave will be made for any type of separation from employment for any employee hired after June 1, 2010. For other employees the following shall apply: a) An employee with less than ten years of service who separates from FAU shall not be paid for any unused sick leave. b) An employee who has completed ten or more years of service and separates from the University shall be compensated at the employee’s current regular rate of pay for one-eighth of all unused sick leave accrued prior to October 1, 1973, plus one-fourth of all unused sick leave accrued on or after October 1, 1973; provided that one-fourth of the unused sick leave since 1973 does not exceed 480 hours.

17.14 For the purposes of this Article, “immediate family ”means the spouse and the certified domestic partner, grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren (including step-and foster-) of both the employee and the spouse/domestic partner, and dependents living in the household.

Article 23 / Salaries. 23.1 Promotion Increases. c) in recognition of promotion to Senior Instructor/Senior lecturer in accordance with the Provost’s Memorandum on Appointment and Promotion of Instructors and Lecturers, an increase of 9.0% of the employees previous year’s base salary, but the increase may not exceed 9.0% more than the employee’s September 2008 salary, if in the same position; or d) in recognition of promotion to University Instructor/University Lecturer in accordance with the Provost’s Memorandum on Appointment and Promotion of Instructors and Lecturers, an increase of 12.0% of the employee’s previous year’s base salary, but the increase may not exceed pro12.0% more than the employee’s September 2008 salary, if in the same position.

23.2 Florida Atlantic University School Employees. 1) Promotion increases shall be granted to FAUS employees pursuant to procedures and criteria for promotion to each rank for those promoted in 2011-12, effective upon the start of the 2012-13 academic year appointment. Permanent status employees may be promoted, but may not receive any promotion/merit salary increase. b) FAUS Base Salary and Lump Sum Increase. 1) All FAUS employees shall receive a base salary increase of $1,430.37 effective august 12, 2013. 2) In addition, all FAUS employees shall receive a one-time lump sum payment of $1,430.37 effective august 12, 2013.

Article 24 / Benefits. 24.1 Benefits. Employees’ shall be eligible to participate in the domestic partner benefit stipend program. This domestic partner benefit stipend program shall be launched and offered prior to August 15, 2013.