CBS 12: FAU’s new budget reality: Crunch and chop

April 24, 2012. “The president has a house and a car and makes so and so millions of dollars. Where’s her cut?” –FAU student Monique Paramore.

(aired April 23, 2012)

BOCA RATON, Fla. — Budget cuts at Florida Atlantic University. For weeks teachers and faculty have protested after they found out FAU needed to cut $24.7 million. Those cuts will include satellite campuses, and some summer classes. Monday FAU’s Senior VP of Finance laid out what would be chopped.

The forum first kicking off with the Vice President of FAU’s Finance Department Dennis Crudele, revealing the budget numbers.

“We’ve gone from $181 million to $92 million and you can’t take that kind of reduction without having to really look at and assess your core values,” said Crudele.

After that, going over the budget plan that if approved, would eliminate campuses in Port St. Lucie and Fort Lauderdale.

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Sun-Sentinel: FAU Fort Lauderdale Tower Faces Tough

April 24, 2012. Targeted campuses “are not making any profit,” says FAU Vice President for Finance Dennis Crudele

By Scott Travis

(April 24, 2012)

The faculty at Florida Atlantic University are usually united in opposing most budget cuts — unless it involves closing down small campuses.

A proposal to close the downtown Fort Lauderdale tower and the Treasure Coast campus inPort St. Lucie is alarming to those at the campuses. But many faculty at other campuses see it as a good way to deal with a $10 million budget hole, according to a website FAU created to get ideas on ways to cut the budget. A final decision is expected in June, but most at FAU think the proposals are a done deal.

“We’re a minority and a very small faculty, and we can’t make a lot of noise,” said Stephanie Cunningham, a graphic design professor at the Fort Lauderdale campus. “And we’re in the last week of classes. We don’t really have the time to organize a protest, and in the summer, there will be so few students on campus.”