Political Action

As a union of public employees, we’re aware that our working conditions are intimately tied in with decisions made by state and federal policy makers.  Unfortunately, many of the politicians and government officials who make decisions about our universities fail to understand how universities function or how higher education is key to Florida’s future.  It seems like every legislative session there are bills to limit academic freedom, mandate unproven educational “innovations,” and insert legislative fiat into the classroom.  And, of course, there’s the constant struggle to maintain adequate funding for our universities.

Along with other UFF chapters in south Florida and around the state, UFF-FAU works to educate legislators and the general public.  Especially during the annual spring session of the Florida Legislature and preparations for it, UFF and its affiliates stay in touch with key legislators.  Personal visits by members and staff are followed up by targeted e-mails and phone calls to legislators and visits to their offices.  As a UFF member, you can sign up for the e-mail newsletter of our affiliate, the Florida Education Association, to facilitate the expression of your views.  [Please note that state law prohibits state resources from being used to influence legislation. So, if you call or e-mail your legislator, please use non-FAU equipment and a non-FAU e-mail address.]

When it comes to improving the environment for higher education, we’re aware that we have many allies around the state and, depending on the issue, we may work together with the Board of Trustees, the Administration, student groups, parents’ groups, the Board of Governors, or other public employee unions to get a fair deal for FAU and its faculty.

For more on UFF-FAU’s political activities, see posts under the Political Action topic.

For general information about legislative initiatives that are likely to impact education in Florida, click on the link below for news from the Florida Education Association.

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