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Florida Atlantic University Financial Audit for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2010

Florida Atlantic University Financial Audit for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2009

Florida Atlantic University Financial Audit for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2008

UFF-FAU Privacy Statement

NEA Attorney Referral Program List of Participating Attorneys

Know Your Weingarten Rights! (Blog Post w/PDF)

State of Florida Long Range Financial Outlook 2010-2011 through 2012-2013

  • “The Long-Range Financial Outlook (both critical needs and other high priority needs)
    includes increases in recurring general revenue spending for education of $1.3 billion
    (+11.5%) in Fiscal Year 2010-11; $2.1 billion (+16.5%) in Fiscal Year 2011-12; and
    $772.9 million (+5.3%) in Fiscal Year 2012-13 … The non-recurring State Fiscal Stabilization funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA stabilization funds) will be available to be appropriated in Fiscal Year 2010-11 from the Federal Grants Trust Fund. Beginning in Fiscal Year 2011-12, critical needs funding includes the restorationof non-recurring ARRA stabilization funds as recurring general revenue in the core instructional programs, including the Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program, the Florida Education Finance Program, the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, the Workforce Development Program, the Community College Program Fund, and State University Education and General Activities.” (64, 65)

Education Funding Summary 2009-10, Senate Education Pre-K-12 Education Committee, Senate Higher Education Appropriations Committee

  • Annual report of the Senate Committees on Education PreK-12 Appropriations and Higher Education Appropriations summarizing the recent legislative decisions affecting education funding.  The report also provides important summary information and perspective for leaders and planners who need information regarding state and district finances.

2006-2009 UFF-FAU/FAUBOT Collective Bargaining Agreement

Florida Atlantic University Financial Audit for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2008

Review of the Annual Financial Audits of Florida Atlantic University

  • “Florida Atlantic University was in excellent shape financially as of June 30, 2008. Its Total Net Assets had increased from $400,795,247 as of June 30, 2003 to $709,653,731, of which $73,456,329 were Unrestricted Net Assets. In addition its component units had increased their Net Assets from $117,754,358 as of June 30, 2003 to $227,199,600 as of June 30, 2008, of which $14,610,718 were Unrestricted Net Assets” (10).

How is the Money Spent? FAU Expenditures on Higher Level Administration in the Period from 2001-02 to 2008-09

  • “If relative salary increases and relative growth in employment are accurate indicators of organizational priorities, the only conclusion that can be drawn from the above figures is that the FAU administration values its own numerical and compensation growth more highly than it values growing the ranks or compensation of its faculty” (11).

Results of 2008-09 Assessment of Administrators (Blog Post)

Written Comments of UFF-FAU 2008-09 Assessment of FAU Administrators (Password Protected) (Blog Post)

UFF-FAU Impasse Hearing Presentation, Feb. 24 2009

Impasse Hearing Special Magistrate Report

  • “The projected cost for the FAU-BOT salary proposal is approximately $1.7 million. The projected cost of a 2.5% increase for the 2008-09 is about $1.9 million which should be considered the minimum salary increase  needed to keep the faculty salaries competitive in the labor market. That difference apparently can be taken from Clearwire funds” (6).

Why are FAU Faculty Salaries Falling So Far Behind Faculty Salaries at Our Peer Institutions?

UFF-FAU Chapter Constitution and Bylaws (Blog Post)

FAU Layoff Notice to College of Engineering Faculty Member

Have My Rights Under the CBA Been Violated?

The UFF-FAU Grievance/Contract Enforcement Chair should be consulted when you believe your rights have been violated by administrative personnel. Your right to organize and for redress of grievances as a State of Florida public employee are defined under Florida Statute 447. A grievance is a specific violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between United Faculty of Florida and Florida Atlantic University’s Board of Trustees.

Since faculty and staff within the Bargaining Unit are subject to the provisions of the CBA, in most instances a grievance is an appropriate first step of redress. Please keep in mind that you must be a dues-paying member of UFF for the Grievance Chair to assist you in the grievance process.

You have thirty days to file a grievance. If you are a dues-paying member don’t waste time if you believe your rights have been violated. Contact your UFF Steward, or the Contract Enforcement Chair.

Grievance/Contract Enforcement Chair:

Tim Lenz
Office: 561-297-3214

Stewards/Contract Enforcement on the FAU Campuses

Arts & Humanities Building.: Amy Broderick, Visual Arts, 7-4315, abroderi(at)
Culture & Society Building.: James Tracy, Communication, 7-6265, jamestrcy(at)
Social Science Building.: Pam Brannon, Political Sci., 7-2074, pbrannon(at)
Business Building.: Barry Axe, Management, 7-3654, baxe(at)
Education Building.: Ali Danesh, 7-2071, danesh(at)
Comm. Sci.& Dis.: Dale Williams, 7-3238, dwilliam(at)
Nursing Building.: Marilyn Parker, 7-3376, mparker(at)
New Engineering Building.: Bassam Alhalabi, 7-3182, bassem(at)
Physical Science Building., Old Engineering Bldg., Complex Systems, Sea Tech
Dept. of Geosciences: TBA
Dept. Biological Sciences: TBA
Dept. Psychology: TBA
FAUS (Henderson School): Debra Vance Noelk, FAUS, 7-3970, dvance(at)
Library: Malka Schyndel, 7-0495, schyndel(at)
LA Building, Davie: TBA
ES Building, Davie: Bev Warde, Except’l Student, 6-1009, bwarde(at)
Tower Buildings: Shane Eason, 954-762-5246 (ext. 6-5246) eason(at)
Jupiter, Treasure Coast: Roberta Weber, Educ. Tech. Res., 6-8519, rweber(at)
Honors College: Dan White, 6-8651, dwhite(at)

Palm Beach Post 2004-09

FAU moves forward with dorm for Innovation Village
December 16, 2009
By Samantha Frank — Florida Atlantic University is one step closer to breaking ground on a $111 million student housing project in February. The board of trustees today unanimously approved several agreements regarding the development, management and finances of the project. Read more at

State needs less conflict, more degrees from university system
Palm Beach Post Editorial
November 27, 2009
In 1999, as lieutenant governor, Frank Brogan backed a move to break Florida’s education system into separate fiefdoms for public schools, community colleges and universities. Mr. Brogan called this response to a 1998 voter-approved constitutional amendment “streamlining.” Fortunately, that particular streamlining never took place. Read more at

Engineer faculty vents frustration
November 22, 2009
By Samantha Frank
Although the initial public outcry has died down after five tenured Florida Atlantic University professors were laid off in May, a recent survey reveals that there’s much discontent and worry among the faculty. The FAU Faculty Union sent a survey via e-mail last month to all 78 professors in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. The five laid-off professors were in that college, and prior to the layoffs, the college underwent a structural reorganization. Read more at

Palm Beach Community College “bursting at the seams” thanks to economic downturn
By Kevin D. Thompson
November 15, 2009
As a freshman at the University of Central Florida in Orlando last year, Katherine Sepulveda was living her dream college life. She was a member of a Christian sorority. She found her classes challenging. She attended UCF football games. “It was great,” said Sepulveda, 19. “I loved the atmosphere.” Then the reality of the recession hit. Hard. Read more at

— Just shy of two months into office, State University System Chancellor Frank Brogan engineered an historic meeting Thursday between the two groups responsible for kindergarten through graduate school education in Florida. At the behest of a powerful business lobby that wants an education system that meets its workforce needs, Brogan brought together for the first time the Board of Governors, which oversees public universities, and the Board of Education, which oversees everything else, including K-12, community colleges and the recently created state colleges. Read more at

FAU presidential search begins with ads, 600 letters
By Samantha Frank
Friday, October 6, 2009

— The search is officially on for a new president at Florida Atlantic University. Just nine days after being chosen as the presidential search consulting firm and two days after visiting the university, R. William Funk and Associates sent out 600 letters about the search on Oct. 30 to a list that includes prominent university presidents, members of university boards and higher education associations. FAU spokeswoman Kristine Gobbo said that no one at the university has seen a copy of that list, therefore it is not available as a public record. Read more at

Consulting firm that tapped Brogan for state’s top university job is now aiding the search for his successor at FAU
By Samantha Frank
Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The consulting firm that Florida Atlantic University has hired to aid its presidential search is the same one that recruited ex-President Frank Brogan for the post of statewide university chancellor earlier this year. The FAU Board of Trustees unanimously approved an $88,000 contract with R. William Funk and Associates on Oct. 21 based on the recommendation of board Chairwoman Nancy Blosser. Read more at

Two Trustees Reappointed, New Provost Named at FAU
October 26, 2009
By Samantha Frank
BOCA RATON — It will be the same familiar faces for Florida Atlantic University’s 13-member board of trustees. David Feder and Anthony Barbar were reappointed to five-year terms last week by the Florida Board of Governors. Their new terms begin Jan. 6. Feder, a Boca Raton resident, is the managing director for Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura. His wife, Renee, graduated from FAU. He has been serving on the board of trustees since 2005. Read more at

Give us more parking, FAU Students say in campus protest
October 13, 2009
By Samantha Frank
BOCA RATON — Brea Coffey has been late to her 8 a.m. class a few times because she said she couldn’t find parking at Florida Atlantic University. If she’s late one more time, she said, she will be dropped from the class with an automatic failing grade. Read more at

Adviser shortage at FAU a ‘crisis,’ provost says
September 26, 2009
By Kimberly Miller

Some Florida Atlantic University students must wait up to three weeks to see an academic adviser – a delay that can jeopardize a timely graduation as students can’t get classes they need or unknowingly take the wrong ones. The squeeze has forced some advice-seeking students to get creative. Read more at

FAU to launch immediate search for Brogan’s successor, spurning faculty’s plea for a 2-year delay
September 23, 2009
BOCA RATON — Florida Atlantic University’s trustees flouted a recommendation by their own deans today to delay a search for president, voting instead to move forward immediately to find Frank Brogan’s successor. The 9-4 vote, a rare divided decision by the board of trustees, came after a surprise announcement that the Boca Raton school’s 11 academic deans had written a letter requesting that interim President John Pritchett be given at least a two-year term. Read more at

Deans request delay of presidential search, board disagrees
By Kim Miller
September 23, 2009
FAU’s Board of Trustees just voted 9-4 to immediately pursue a search for a new president, defying a request by their deans to delay the move.

Original post follows:

FAU’s deans have requested a delay of the search to replace former President Frank Brogan. They are recommending that Interim President John Pritchett be appointed to a two-year term. “This is a request that goes against the norm,” said Nancy Blosser, Florida Atlantic University Board of Trustee Chairwoman during a meeting this morning where trustees are supposed to be defining characteristics they would like to see in a new president. Read more at Extra Credit Blog

FAU Interim president’s priorities and the one that got away
By Kim Miller
September 22, 2009
John Pritchett, Florida Atlantic University provost and interim president, spoke briefly about his priorities during the first day of a two-day retreat of the school’s board of trustees. In no particular order, he mentioned the following items … Read more at ExtraCreditBlog.

FAU trustee members become each other’s secret admirers
By Kim Miller
September 22, 2009
Florida Atlantic University trustees are meeting in a two-day retreat being facilitated by consultant Susan Clemmons whose first order of business was to assign each trustee a “secret admirer.” Read more at ExtraCreditBlog.

Florida Atlantic University trustee board wants to know about school morale
By Kim Miller
September 21, 2009
When the FAU Board of Trustees meets Tuesday and Wednesday in its annual retreat, one question asked will be “How is morale?” The question is listed on the agenda under “Taking the Pulse of FAU.” Other questions on the Pulse item include … Read more at ExtraCreditBlog

Growing Necessity: Part-time professors
By Kimberly Miller
Monday, September 21, 2009
Palm Beach Community College instructor Joseph Domino will skillfully tick through his English composition classes this fall: essay writing, persuasive arguments, narratives. But if students struggle with their style and tone, they won’t find Domino during office hours. He has none. In fact, he has no office. He doesn’t give out his cell number, and you won’t find him in the campus phone book. Read more at

$150-an-hour FAU consultant presents “Project Vision” Tuesday
By Kim Miller
September 15, 2009
A Florida International University professor contracted by FAU to facilitate an overhaul of the Boca Raton school’s operations will give a presentation Tuesday during the FAU Board of Trustees retreat. Susan Clemmons, who as a $150-an-hour consultant has earned about $40,000 from Florida Atlantic University since March, is expected to take up most of Tuesday’s meeting with her findings. Read more at ExtraCreditBlog.

Former administrator files age-discrimination lawsuit against Florida Atlantic University
September 10, 2009
A former high-ranking administrator at Florida Atlantic University says he was fired for being old and is suing the school for a termination that federal regulators called malicious and discriminatory. Gerald Goldberger, 71, worked at FAU between 1995 and April of this year.Read more at

FAU President Frank Brogan has company on his final jog around campus, commentators critical of farewell speech
By Kim Miller
September 10, 2009
It says something when people, college students especially, are willing to get up at 7 a.m. to go running _ to do anything really. Read more at ExtraCreditBlog

Brogan touts Florida Atlantic University’s enrollment surge as he leaves for new job
By Kimberly Miller
September 09, 2009
BOCA RATON — Florida Atlantic University enrollment has for the first time surpassed 28,000 students – a milestone President Frank Brogan said marks the school’s success and progress toward becoming a more traditional university. Brogan announced the fall enrollment during his final state-of-the-university speech this morning. Enrollment at this time last year was a little more than 27,000 students. Read more in

FAU faculty senate softens its rebuke of Brogan
By Kimberly Miller
September 4, 2009
Florida Atlantic University professors are extremely pleased with many things soon-to-be former President Frank Brogan has done for the school, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t “angry as hell” at him. It’s a complicated relationship. Read more in

Love him or hate him, FAU faculty aren’t quite sure.
By Kim Miller
September 4, 2009
Just this week, a Florida Atlantic University faculty evaluation of President Frank Brogan was released with scathing remarks on his tenure at the Boca Raton school. Read more at ExtraCreditBlog.

FAU professors pan Brogan’s tenure
By Kimberly Miller
August 31, 2009

With just two weeks left at the helm of Florida Atlantic University, President Frank Brogan received possibly his worst evaluation yet from professors who roundly panned his tenure, called for his resignation or simply wrote “just go!” The anonymous evaluations of Brogan, released Monday by the school’s United Faculty of Florida chapter, were completed by 205 FAU professors, about 25 percent of total faculty. Read more at

And the next Barry Kaye?
Palm Beach Post Editorial
Monday, August 24, 2009
Florida Atlantic University trustees rightly stripped Barry Kaye’s name from the business college last week after the insurance mogul reduced a $16 million pledge to $3.9 million. Trustees recognized Mr. Kaye’s generosity – a total of $5 million, even after he welched on the mega-gift – by renaming the business school’s risk management and insurance program after him. Read more at

“Brogan’s final run.” It just sounds so morbid.
By Kim Miller
August 21, 2009
The first couple weeks of September will mark Florida Atlantic University President Frank Brogan’s last at the Boca Raton school. Moving up to become chancellor of the state university system, FAU has planned a series of luncheons and receptions to say goodbye. It’s no red corvette, as was given by the FAU Foundation to former president Anthony Catanese, but a presidential ice cream social is nothing to sneeze at either. Read more at ExtraCreditBlog.

Kaye’s name already removed from FAU Web site
By Kim Miller
August 19, 2009

Florida Atlantic University trustees voted unanimously this morning to remove insurance mogul Barry Kaye’s name from the College of Business. Read more at ExtraCreditBlog

Barry Kaye’s name stripped from FAU’s College of Business
By Kimberly Miller
August 19, 2009
Florida Atlantic University wasted no time Wednesday removing donor Barry Kaye’s name from its College of Business. The school’s Web site reflected the change just minutes after a morning vote by FAU trustees stripped the college of the insurance mogul’s moniker. Read more at

FAU to vote on removing insurance magnate Barry Kaye’s name from business college
By Kimberly Miller
August 14, 2009
Florida Atlantic University’s board of trustees will vote Wednesday to remove donor Barry Kaye’s name from the College of Business. Kaye, an insurance mogul whose company is in Boca Raton, said last month he would be unable to fulfill a $16 million pledge made to the school in 2006. Read more at

Insurance mogul and FAU benefacor Barry Kaye under investigation
by Kim Miller
August 6, 2009
According to the Investment News, Ohio’s Insurance Department is investigating Barry Kaye & Associates following a federal lawsuit filed last week. Read more at ExtraCreditBlog.

Brogan to make $450,000 as Florida university system chancellor
By Kimberly Miller
August 6, 2009
Florida’s Board of Governors approved a compensation package this morning for new university system chancellor Frank Brogan worth an annual $458,198. Brogan’s 5-year contract with the board calls for an annual base salary of $357,000, a $42,500 annual housing allowance, $15,000 for a vehicle, usual state employee benefits, and up to 12 percent of his base salary paid annually into a life insurance policy. Read more at

Former FAU president Frank Brogan will pull down base salary of $357,000 as chancellor
By Kimberly Miller
August 5, 2009
Florida’s new statewide university system chancellor and former FAU president Frank Brogan, will pull down a base salary of $357,000 – about equal to what he’d be making next year if he kept his Boca Raton gig.  The Board of Governors, which hired Brogan in a unanimous vote last month, will discuss the terms of his proposed 5-year contract Thursday. Read more at

Laid-off professors offered other jobs, Brogan tells Crist
By Kimberly Miller
Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Five tenured Florida Atlantic University professors laid off in May have been offered positions elsewhere in the school, continuing their contract through at least the upcoming 2009-10 school year. In a letter Monday to Gov. Charlie Crist, FAU President Frank Brogan said the layoff notice period was extended through next school year and that permanent positions are being sought for the professors. Read more at

New university chancellor Frank Brogan to investigate himself? Not gonna happen
By Kimberly Miller
Monday, August 3, 2009
Florida Atlantic University’s faculty union hoped to draw Gov. Charlie Crist’s attention to its battle against the May layoffs of five tenured professors, sending a letter in June outlining its concerns. Crist referred the complaint to the Board of Governors, the constitutional body charged with overseeing Florida’s 11 public universities. Read more at

Man sues Boca Raton’s “You Buy, You Die’ guy, says insurance policy value was hyped
By Kimberly Miller
July 29, 2009
Insurance mogul Barry Kaye, who has told Florida Atlantic University he will not fulfill his $16 million pledge to the school, is now facing a federal lawsuit in relation to his once mega-profitable life settlement business.The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Ohio, claims that Kaye’s Boca Raton firm persuaded an 81-year-old man to purchase a $5 million life insurance policy in 2006 with promises that he later could sell the policy to an investor for a large profit.Read more at

Frank Brogan interviewed about new post as state university chancellor says he’s been “pretty good” at all of his jobs
By Kim Miller
July 27, 2009
The St. Petersburg Times
posted this interview over the weekend with Florida Atlantic University President Frank Brogan. Read more at ExtraCreditBlog

Pritchett tapped to be FAU’s interim president
By Kimberly Miller
July 22, 2009
Florida Atlantic University Provost John Pritchett has been named interim president of the Boca Raton school. Pritchett will fill in temporarily for Frank Brogan, who was hired last week by the Board of Governors to be the next State University System Chancellor. Read more at

FAU approves privatizing residence halls
By Kimberly Miller
Monday, July 22, 2009
BOCA RATON — The Boca Raton development firm of Crocker Partners – creator of tony Mizner Park and slick CityPlace tower – is getting into the university dormitory business. An agreement approved Wednesday by Florida Atlantic University trustees gives the go-ahead to finalize a deal with Crocker to develop and manage two new residence halls, as well as oversee the school’s five current dorms on the Boca Raton campus. Read more at

FAU finds possible source of up-front case for $62 million football stadium
By Kimberly Miller
Monday, July 20, 2009
A football stadium for Florida Atlantic University is one step closer to kick off under a development proposal with the Boca Raton firm Crocker Partners. The plan, which will be discussed Wednesday by FAU trustees, begins with the construction of a $69 million, 1,226-bed residence hall that is part of the school’s “Innovation Village.” Read more at

FAU faculty union reacts to President Frank Brogan’s appointment as new state university system chancellor
By Kim Miller
July 17, 2009
The United Faculty of Florida chapter at Florida Atlantic University has posted a message on its Web site about President Frank Brogan’s appointment today as State University System Chancellor. Faculty haven’t been too pleased with the administration of late, and the message is pretty clear on that point. Read more at ExtraCreditBlog

Brogan named chancellor of Florida’s state university system
By Kimberly Miller
July 17, 2009
TAMPA — Florida Atlantic University President Frank Brogan has been named the next chancellor of Florida’s state university system. The decision, made in less than ten minutes this afternoon by the Board of Governors, was unanimous. Read more at

Frank Brogan drew praise and doubt from FAU faculty
By Kimberly Miller
Thursday, July 16, 2009
In 2003, Frank Brogan dropped into the race for the presidency of Florida Atlantic University like the favorite cousin no one knew was coming for Thanksgiving. Other applicants scattered from the table, making way for powerful Gov. Jeb Bush’s then-lieutenant governor. Read more at

And then there were three, state university system candidate withdraws name from finalist list
By Kim Miller
July 15, 2009
Ivy Tech Community College President Thomas Snyder withdrew his name as a candidate for Florida’s State University Chancellor late Wednesday, leaving three finalists including Florida Atlantic University President Frank Brogan. Read more at ExtraCreditBlog.

Shake Up the Universities
July 14, 2009
Palm Beach Post Editorial
Two of the four finalists to become chancellor of the state university system helped damage the state university system. Only in Florida. Those finalists are Florida Atlantic University President Frank Brogan and Florida State University professor Stephen MacNamara. In 2000, the Legislature abolished the Board of Regents, the 14-member board that since 1965 had overseen Florida’s public universities. The regents, appointed by the governor, managed the system as a whole, to use limited money efficiently and avoid duplication.Read more at

FAU President Frank Brogan vies with old friend for chancellorship; FAU could be looking for a new president Friday
By Kimberly Miller
Monday, July 13, 2009
Florida Atlantic University President Frank Brogan will be one of four candidates interviewed for the state university chancellorship Friday, putting FAU on alert that it could be looking for a new leader and leaving Brogan to duke it out for the job with an old Tallahassee friend. A Board of Governors search committee met for about 30 minutes Monday to narrow the list of candidates for the chancellor’s job from 13 to four. Read more at

No New Chancellor candidates, Does Frank Brogan have this in the bag or what?
by Kim Miller
July 9, 2009.
OK, I checked at 5 p.m. today and no new candidates had been added to the list of potential State University System Chancellor. Read more, see the list of candidates at Extra Credit Blog.

President Frank Brogan wants to be Florida universities’ next chancellor
Thursday, July 9, 2009
By Kimberly Miller
Florida Atlantic University President Frank Brogan wants to go back to Tallahassee, this time as leader of the state’s 11 public universities. After a little more than six years at the helm of the Boca Raton school, the former lieutenant governor said Thursday that he will pursue the state university system chancellorship, a job some believe he will easily win. Read more at

Florida Atlantic University President Frank Brogan Will Apply for State University Chancellor Job
By Kim Miller
July 9, 2009
FAU President Frank Brogan announced this morning he will apply for the State University System chancellor’s job. Read more at ExtraCreditBlog.

FAU to Use Cash as a Motivation to Chase Grants
By Kimberly Miller
July 6, 2009
Florida Atlantic University isn’t above a little bribery when it comes to motivating professors to apply for more research grants.
With the school’s research coffers down 33 percent between 2004 and 2008, a new program this fall will give professors a choice of supplementing their salary with a portion of their grant money, or buying their way out of teaching a class. Read more at

Brogan Still Undecided on Chancellor’s Job
July 6, 2009
By Kim Miller
It’s one week before the Board of Governors will meet to go over the names of those interested in the state university system chancellor’s job, but as of today, Florida Atlantic University President Frank Brogan isn’t an official candidate. Read more at Extra Credit Blog.

Tenured FAU professor hires attorney to fight layoff
July 2, 2009
By Kim Miller
Dolores De Groff, a 16-year-veteran of Florida Atlantic University, has hired an attorney to fight her layoff. De Groff, along with four other professors in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, were told in May that they were being laid off with their last day to be in August. Read more at Extra Credit Blog.

National professor group sends letter to FAU with concerns about layoffs of tenured faculty
July 1, 2009
By Kim Miller
The American Association of University Professors sent a letter last week to Florida Atlantic University President Frank Brogan regarding the layoffs in May of five tenured faculty.
The June 25 letter from AAUP Associate Secretary Anita Levy basically just says the group is aware of the layoffs and is concerned about them. Read more at the Post’s Extra Credit Blog.

Readers Call FAU’s Brogan the Best or a Buffoon
June 30, 2009
By Kim Miller
Yesterday we found out FAU President Frank Brogan, just less than a year into a new six-year contract, is considering applying for the lead university job in the state _ chancellor of the 11-school system. Read more at the Post’s Extra Credit Blog.

FAU Professors File Complaint Over Layoff of Tenured Faculty
June 29, 2009
By Kimberly Miller
Florida Atlantic University professors have filed a formal complaint against the school claiming the layoffs of tenured faculty members violates their union contract. FAU officials announced in May that the school’s 2009-2010 budget includes laying off 25 staffers and five tenured professors. All of the professors teach in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. Read more at

FAU Budget Guru Moves South to Florida International University
June 26, 2009
By Kim Miller
I was off yesterday, so excuse this late news, but apparently Florida Atlantic University’s budget God is taking a job with Florida International University. Ken Jessell, vice president of finance for FAU has been with the Boca Raton school for more than 25 years…Continue reading at the Post’s Extra Credit Blog.

FAU Professors Facing Budget Cuts, Layoffs Criticize the $150-an-hour Salary of
“Project Vision” Boss

June 24, 2009
By Kim Miller
Florida Atlantic University’s union has recharged lately under new leadership and a new Web site. A recent post takes on the $150-an-hour salary of Susan Clemmons, a consultant hired last year to reorganize the school. Read more at the Post’s ExtraCreditBlog.

EDITORIAL: FAU stonewalls again
Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Florida Atlantic University owes its faculty, students and alumni an explanation about the status of Barry Kaye’s $16 million donation. As The Post’s Kimberly Miller reported, it is uncertain whether Mr. Kaye still can fulfill the $16 million pledge announced with much fanfare by FAU in 2007. Mr. Kaye’s Boca-Raton based insurance business has closed, and signs indicate that he is cutting ties to Florida. Read more at

Sparring at FAU trustees meeting over faculty layoffs, strong words trigger comm. chairman to ask for truce
June 11th, 2009
by Kim Miller
Florida Atlantic University’s Board of Trustees meeting Wednesday was 7-hours long and mostly sedate, until the reorganization of the College of Engineering came up. Engineering Dean Karl Stevens was given some time to explain the reorganization and the grouping of faculty into four divisions. He said the changes were necessary because course scheduling was inefficient and there was duplication. Read more at the Palm Beach Post’s Extra Credit Blog.

FAU professors fight what they say is attack on tenure
Friday, June 05, 2009
Florida Atlantic University professors declared a proposed reorganization of the College of Engineering invalid Friday afternoon, saying the administrative plan is an attack on tenure that they cannot let stand. The reorganization, which groups professors in four academic categories, includes the layoffs of five tenured faculty members. Read more at

What FAU Students Will Really Pay Next School Year for a Higher Education
By Kim Miller
June 8, 2009
The average full-time Florida Atlantic University undergraduate will see a $525 education price hike this fall under proposals that increase tuition, raise fees and add a new technology charge. If FAU pricing plans are approved for the 2009-10 school year, 30 credits will cost $2,830 in tuition, and another $1,357 in fees. That’s $4,187, not including a one-time $62 parking fee — a $2.40 increase over last year. Read more at the ExtraCreditBlog.

FAU’s Women’s Studies Center fighting for survival
Friday, June 05, 2009
The Women’s Studies Center at Florida Atlantic University was given a reprieve from this year’s budget cuts, but must now solicit private donations for survival. The program, which costs FAU about $60,000-a-year to operate, was on the chopping block as the College of Arts and Letters looked to trim $1.2 million. Read more at

FAU President Demands 100 percent productivity, union protests layoffs
by Kim Miller
Monday, June 1, 2009
Florida Atlantic University released its 2009-2010 budget reduction plan late Friday night _ 6:44 p.m. to be exact. The plan eliminates 140 unfilled positions and lays off 30 employees, five of which are faculty members from the Engineering College. Last night, the FAU faculty union sent out a message with its concerns about the layoffs of tenured professors. “This act constitutes a flagrant assault against the most important achievement of a scholar’s professional endeavors,” reads the faculty statement. “UFF-FAU condemns the action and is presently exploring appropriate countermeasures to the administration’s move.” Read more at the Post’s Extra Credit Blog.

30 workers, 45 majors to Be Cut as school tries to trim almost $17 million.
May 30, 2009
By Kimberly Miller
The proposal was released late Friday with an online video presentation by FAU President Frank Brogan. Florida Atlantic University plans to lay off 30 employees and eliminate 45 majors in its effort to gouge $16.7 million from a budget already ravaged by two years of statewide cuts. Read more at

Despite budget cuts, FAU hires $150-an-hour consultant
By Kimberly Miller
Wednesday, May 27, 2009
BOCA RATON — A $150-an-hour consultant is helping Florida Atlantic University overhaul its operations as unprecedented state budget cuts threaten programs and layoffs. Susan Clemmons, a human resource and organizational behavior expert, was hired last year on a rolling eight-week contract to aid in streamlining FAU’s engineering college. Read more at

Are Florida’s universities spending $160 million in stimulus money wisely?
May 6, 2009
Florida’s 11 public universities will receive $160 million in federal stimulus money, but how stimulating it will actually be is unclear. School leaders, facing the toughest financial troubles they’ve ever seen, say they are hesitant to use the limited-time offer for anything recurring, such as jobs, raises, or propping up flagging programs. Click here to read the full article on

From Armageddon to Garden of Eden, FL Universities will be OK following budget agreement
May 1, 2009
by Kim Miller
The rally in Tally by Florida’s university presidents must have hit home to legislators because the word yesterday was things are going to be OK. Not great, but layoffs will be lessened and programs will continue to exist following a tentative budget agreement between the House and Senate. Read more at the PB Post’s Extra Credit Blog

Raise questioning at FAU
Palm Beach Post Editorial
Sunday, April 26, 2009
Despite the recession, it’s hard for Florida Atlantic University to make the case that it can give the faculty only a 1 percent pay raise. FAU trustees approved that raise and a $1,000 bonus Tuesday for professors who haven’t received an across-the-board raise since 2006, despite a special magistrate’s ruling that the university could afford a 2.5 percent increase. The magistrate determined that FAU could use part of the $173 million in expected revenues from leasing its broadband for 30 years to Clearwire Corp. Read more at

Despite hiring freeze, FAU shells out $13 million for 495 new employees
Saturday, April 18, 2009
In the year since declaring a hiring freeze in January 2008, Florida Atlantic University has hired nearly 500 employees, spending $175,000 for a basketball coach, $90,000 for the basketball coach’s son, $110,000 for an associate general counsel and $220,000 for a biomedical science professor. The hires were made amid tens of millions of dollars in budget cuts, predicted layoffs and a worsening salary dispute with the school’s professors. FAU faculty members have not had across-the-board raises since 2006, leaving some to question the new hires, especially after FAU’s rejection April 10 of a state-recommended 2.5 percent raise that would have cost $1.9 million this year. Read more at

FAU administrators say center’s study on faculty salary and numbers flawed
by Kim Miller
April 17, 2009
“How is the money spent?” is a report released last week by Florida Atlantic University’s faculty union about an increase in administrators compared to that of teachers. The report was paid for by the union, but conducted by Bruce Nissen, director of Florida International University’s Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy. Read more at Extra Credit Blog.

FAU Faculty issue statement on school’s rejection of state salary ruling, criticizes administrative “browbeating.”
by Kim Miller
Here’s a statement just released by FAU’s United Faculty of Florida chapter on last week’s decisionto reject a state ruling to give professors a 2.5 percent salary increase. Read more at the Palm Beach Post’s Extra Credit Blog.

FAU rejects recommended 2.5% faculty salary increase
Friday, April 10, 2009
Florida Atlantic University officials rejected a state magistrate’s ruling that professors should receive a 2.5 percent across-the-board raise this year, saying it was based on a misunderstanding of the school’s financial situation.
FAU released its response to the non-binding ruling by magistrate Joseph Schneider late Friday. The rejection likely means the decision about what kind of raises faculty receive will be made by FAU’s board of trustees.

FAU’s response to state ruling on faculty pay raises unavailable
Friday, April 10, 2009
Florida Atlantic University’s response to a ruling in favor of giving faculty 2.5 percent raises is complete but is unavailable to the public today. Read more at

FAU adding administrators faster than professors, and giving them bigger raises, faculty study says
Monday, April 06, 2009
BOCA RATON — Florida Atlantic University has been adding to its administrative ranks and salaries faster than those of its professors, according to a report by the Center for Labor Research and Studies at Florida International University. The 10-page study was commissioned by FAU’s United Faculty of Florida, which is embroiled in a salary dispute with university leaders over raises for professors. Read more at

FAU professors deserve higher raise, special magistrate says
March 25, 2009
Florida Atlantic University professors should receive an across-the-board raise of 2.5 percent for the current school year, according to a ruling by a special state magistrate released Wednesday. The magistrate, Joseph Schneider, said he understands the school has faced unprecedented budget cuts, but that it can use money from the lease of its broadband to Clearwire Corp. to pay for the raises. Read more at

FAU president warns budget cuts will be wide ranging
By Kimberly Miller
March 18, 2009
Early recommendations by Florida Atlantic University officials struggling to deal with millions of dollars in budget cuts include small inconveniences such as unplugging some office telephones to the more dire measure of eliminating faculty and staff. The possible reductions in the Division of Academic Affairs, which have not been presented to the FAU Board of Trustees, are far from final. Read more at

‘Draconian’ measures needed to cut FAU budget
By Kimberly Miller
Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Florida Atlantic University President Frank Brogan told the school’s board of trustees this morning that the economic outlook for the Boca Raton school is the worst it’s been in its 4-decade history. “I’m going to begin using terminology I have not used to this point, like layoffs,” Brogan said. “We also need to begin to allow the university community to know and understand that this next round of reductions will require draconian actions.” Read more at

FAU president postpones 10 percent salary raise
By Kimberly Miller
January 16, 2009
BOCA RATON — Florida Atlantic University President Frank Brogan is forsaking his previously approved 10 percent pay raise this year, delaying the increase until March 2010. The hike to Brogan’s annual base salary was approved as part of his September contract renewal, but was not set to kick in until March 5. He currently earns $328,187. Read more at

Professors other demands very time-consuming
Letter to the Editor
January 2, 2009
My reaction to the claim in the letter, “Faculty paid well, given few hours they work” (Dec. 24), is shock, if not outrage. It seems like an opinion or generalization with little fact to back it up. As an adjunct instructor at Palm Beach Community College, I have been teaching three 16-week courses for the past year and a half. Adjuncts are compensated as part-time faculty (low salary, no benefits) based on contact hours, which in my case is nine. Read more at

To help state’s universities, spread the money around
Palm Beach Post Editorial
December 16, 2009
There are two ways to look at University of Florida President Bernard Machen’s decision to donate his $285,000 in bonuses to a scholarship fund. The charitable way: Dr. Machen has set a great example and put his own money where his rhetoric is. During his nearly five years running the state’s flagship university, Dr. Machen has criticized Florida for offering too little scholarship help to poor students. The $285,000 will help young men and women who are the first in their family to attend college. Unlike the ex-chairman of Merrill Lynch bleating for his $10 million bonus after he ran the company into acquisition by Bank of America, Dr. Machen has put the institution before himself. Read more at

FAU faculty cry foul over staff pay raises during budget crunch that cut 130 jobs
Tuesday, December 09, 2008
More than 100 Florida Atlantic University staff members got raises of 10 percent or higher this year despite millions of dollars in budget cuts that forced the reduction of 130 jobs during the summer. School administrators say the university actually saved money by awarding increases to people who took on extra duties, instead of hiring new employees to replace those who left or to fill positions that were vacant. All but about 30 of the jobs cut were unfilled. Read more at

Faculty gives FAU’s Brogan mediocre marks
By Kimberly Miller
November 26, 2008
BOCA RATON — Florida Atlantic University faculty and its Board of Trustees disagree on President Frank Brogan’s performance, with professors mostly panning his leadership during the past year. Trustees were overwhelmingly positive about Brogan during his annual evaluation last week, even wanting to give him a minimum $50,000 bonus, which Brogan rejected citing the bad economy and pending state budget cuts. Read more at

If Brogan gets a good raise, so should FAU’s professors
Palm Beach Post Editorial
Thursday, October 30, 2008
Last month, Florida Atlantic University trustees voted unanimously to give President Frank Brogan a six-year contract extension and a 10 percent raise to $357,000. Perhaps the university can afford the roughly $32,000 increase for Mr. Brogan. But there are other costs – particularly to faculty morale – that the trustees should have considered. FAU’s professors, who have not received a raise in two years, are in the middle of salary negotiations. They say that if Mr. Brogan can get a 10 percent increase, they should, too. Staff members get a 1 percent raise Nov. 1. Read more at

FAU Board Gives Brogan 10 percent raise, extends contract to 2015
By Kimberly Miller
Tuesday, September 16, 2008
BOCA RATON — Florida Atlantic University trustees unanimously approved a six-year contract extension for President Frank Brogan on Tuesday that includes a base annual salary of $357,000 – a 10 percent increase over his current pay.
Brogan’s benefits, including supplemental compensation paid into a life insurance policy, brings his total package to $399,840. Read more at

FAU Spectrum Deal Provides Money for Staff Raises
By Kimberly Miller
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Florida Atlantic University’s multi-million dollar agreement with the private Clearwire Corporation is giving school employees something the cash-strapped state could not – a staff salary increase and hope for faculty raises. Continue reading at

FAU Set for $173 Million Windfall as it Leases Unused Broadband Spectrum
By Kimberly Miller
Tuesday, September 9, 2008
Florida Atlantic University is set for a $173 million windfall over the next three decades following a recent agreement to lease most of its unused broadband spectrum to the for-profit wireless provider Clearwire. Read more at

Florida universities strive to meet demands of online student surge
By Kimberly Miller
July 26, 2008
Half of Florida’s 294,000 university students in 2007 took at least one class online, an increase of more than 300 percent during the past decade, and a number that is likely to grow higher as gas prices soar. The numbers, which were released in a recent report exploring the role of distance learning at Florida’s 11 universities, surprised some state officials and showed the increased demand for courses that differ from traditional classroom pedagogy and schedules. Read more at

FAU salaries frozen again amid looming budget cuts
By Kimberly Miller
May 28, 2008
JUPITER — Florida Atlantic University faculty and staff will receive no salary increases for the second year in a row as state budget reductions force a $9.6 million cut from school coffers. The budget cuts, which were discussed by FAU trustees Wednesday, are also expected to mean a loss of 120 jobs, larger class sizes, and the elimination of degree programs from some campuses. Read more at

FAU spent over $200,000 hosting Republican presidential debate
By Kimberly Miller
April 2, 2008
BOCA RATON – The tab is in for Florida Atlantic University’s hosting of January’s Republican presidential debate, and at $223,261, thank goodness there’s no need for a tip. The expenses, which were paid for with private donations and $25,000 from the FAU Foundation, include thousands of dollars for security, food, décor, and $1,200 in Port-a-lets. Read more at

FAU’s chief fund raiser steps down
By Kimberly Miller
January 6, 2008
BOCA RATON — Florida Atlantic University’s chief fund-raiser has resigned before the start of the school’s multimillion-dollar capital campaign, leaving with $577,952 in severance pay.
Lawrence Davenport, one of three top administrators handpicked in 2004 by then new FAU President Frank Brogan, wrote a resignation letter on March 19, but FAU Foundation officials didn’t learn until Monday that Davenport was leaving. His last day was Friday. Read more

Irate legislators want Brogan to explain severance
By Kimberly Miller
Sunday, January 06, 2008
State lawmakers, after grilling a Florida Atlantic University representative Monday who they said didn’t know the facts, want FAU President Frank Brogan and his attorney to answer to them in person about the $577,952 severance deal given to the school’s former chief fund-raiser. Read more at

Strife with board cited in FAU fund raiser’s departure
By Kimberly Miller
January 6, 2008
BOCA RATON — Several FAU Foundation board members were so unhappy with former chief fund-raiser Lawrence Davenport that they threatened to resign if President Frank Brogan did not remove him from the job. Two sources close to Brogan and the Florida Atlantic University Foundation told The Palm Beach Post Wednesday that Brogan faced an ultimatum last month: Lose fund-raiser Lawrence Davenport, or lose key board members. Read more at

Universities put on thinking caps over faculty housing
By Kimberly Miller
January 9  2007
A crash course in Affordable Housing 101 will be on the schedules of some university presidents this fall as they consider building single-family homes, condos and even entire neighborhoods on campus for faculty members who can’t afford to live in Florida. Imagine “Scholars’ Row at Florida Atlantic University” or “Townhomes of the Tenured at New College of Florida.” Read more at

Scripps Research Institute news, guides, and biotech resources for the Palm Beach County
Palm Beach Post Staff
Various Dates
Stories by the Palm Beach Post about Scripps Research Institute and FAU at Scripps Biotech News Archive

— Florida Atlantic University President Frank Brogan compared it with “the Oklahoma land rush.” The chairman of his board of trustees, George Zoley, called it “a free-for-all.” What they were lamenting Wednesday was the frenzied and unorganized efforts of Florida universities and colleges to participate in research at The Scripps Research Institute planned for northern Palm Beach County. Read more at

United Faculty of Florida Chapters

In addition to FAU, UFF represents faculty and professionals at ten other state universities.

UFF chapters represent faculty and professionals at eleven colleges.

UFF chapters represent faculty and professionals at three independent universities:

UFF-GAU (Graduate Assistants United) chapters represent graduate teaching and research assistants at four state universities:

How is the Money Spent?

FAU Expenditures on Higher Level Administration in the Period from 2001-02 to 2008-09

This winter, in an effort to better understand the budget priorities of the University, United Faculty of Florida at FAU commissioned a study assessing FAU’s personnel practices. The report, titled, “How is the Money Spent? FAU expenditures on Higher Level Administration in the Period from 2001-02 to 2008-09,” was conducted by the Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy at Florida International University. The researchers used personnel data provided by the FAU administration.

Overall, “How is the Money Spent” belies the administration’s continual assertions that it is acting in the best interest of faculty, students, and the University as a whole. Of particular concern is that over the past seven years administrative positions have grown by over fifty percent. While administrators continually apportion a larger and larger piece of the fiscal pie for themselves, faculty positions and salaries have grown far less vigorously. These developments have all proceeded under the administration’s watch and continued while the state budget crisis deepened. Thus, if there are any cost-saving measures to be enacted to deal with the ensuing fiscal crisis, they should rightly begin with administrative positions and salaries, NOT WITH THOSE OF FACULTY WHO ARE ALREADY PAID LESS WELL THAN COLLEAGUES AT PEER INSTITUTIONS ACROSS THE STATE AND COUNTRY. Moreover, in light of the data presented in “How the Money is Spent” the minimum 2.5% salary increase the PERC Special Magistrate has recommended FAU grant its faculty is modest and justified.

“How is the Money Spent?” coauthor Bruce Nissen responds to the FAU Administration’s critique of his study.

The criticisms were issued by President Frank Brogan Chief of Staff Randy Goin and circulated to the FAU Board of Trustees and FAU faculty on April 16.

(1)  One of the authors is affiliated with the UFF; one is not.  This proves nothing.  Instead of answering the analysis made and showing that the trend is not what the report claims, the FAU administration resorts to an ad hominum attack on one of the authors.

(2)  Our report clearly specifies who is classified as administration and who as faculty in our analysis.  These were perfectly legitimate comparisons and our categories are clear.  Administration arguments that there are different ways of categorizing positions do not invalidate comparisons between the groups we specified.  In fact, the different categorization done by the FAU administration in the FAU factbook shows an even more extreme shift in resources than our categorization does.  Every conceivable way of categorizing “faculty” and “administrators” shows the same results, validating our conclusion rather than refuting it.

(3)  The administration is invited to show different figures that show that the trends outlined in the report are not occurring.  The fact that they fail to do so shows that their complaints about our methodology and conclusions are merely attempts to “muddy the waters” rather than attempts to show the real trends in resource allocation.  Unfortunately for the administration, it appears that any conceivable way of dividing up FAU employees shows the same thing:  resources have been trending toward administrators.  That is exactly what our conclusion is.

UFF-FAU’s Response to the FAU Administration’s 4-16 critique of “How is the Money Spent?

UFF-FAU recently commissioned a study from The Center for Labor Research and Studies at FIU to examine the salary changes for faculty compared to administrators at FAU.  FAU administrators charge that it is full of inaccuracies – primary among them is how employees are classified.

We were interested in what had happened to the salaries of administrators who are generally supervisory to faculty.  Imagine our surprise when Chairs, Directors, Deans, Provosts etc., were not to be found among the ranks of Administrative Managerial Professional (AMP) employees but rather hidden in the ranks of Faculty employees.  So a little investigation of what constitutes Faculty employees was clearly in order.

FAU has three categories of permanent employees, Faculty, AMP and SP (Service Professionals).  Faculty is further classified into Instructional, Administrative, Research and Other.  Instructional faculty are the ones we mostly see in classrooms although most of us are also responsible for conducting research. Chairs, Directors, Deans etc also show up in the faculty ranks, but classified among administrative faculty – a little over 130 people in 2008.  Then we have research faculty – most of whom are recently acquired along with the Harbor Branch and the BioMed programs.  The FIU study includes both instructional and research faculty in its definition of faculty, but appropriately classifies administrative faculty in the ranks of administrators. The categories the study omits from the analysis of faculty salaries are school teachers, librarians and counselors.  The inclusion of those employees would only have skewed faculty salaries lower!

To validate our data, see the table below from the most recent FAU Factbook.  The FIU study includes about 877 FTE faculty, which matches quite well with the Instructional and Research categories of Faculty according to the University’s own numbers.  By any measure, growth in Administrative positions far outstrips the growth of faculty.







5 Year
% Change









Of which Instructional Faculty
























All Personnel*








* All Personnel include Adjuncts, OPS and Graduate Students.  Source:  FAU Factbook, various years.

How Is the Money Spent?

Factsheet Explaining Revisions to Study

Benefits of Membership


“I consider it important, indeed urgently necessary, for intellectual workers to get together, both to protect their own economic status and, also, generally speaking, to secure their influence in the political field.” –ALBERT EINSTEIN, Charter Member, American Federation of Teachers, Princeton, 1938.

How do I join UFF?

Please click here for the New Member form. After you have printed out and completed the document please sign and return it to the address below:

Robert Zoeller
UFF-FAU President
Department of Exercise Science
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Reasons You Should Join UFF

In our profession, there are many things we can do as individuals:  completing advanced degrees, teaching courses, advising students, conducting research, writing scholarly articles and books.  But there are others we cannot accomplish alone and for which we need effective representation and collective action.  The United Faculty of Florida is the organization for higher education faculty and professionals in Florida, the only independent, legal voice of the faculty.

Accomplishments and activities of the union:

  • Collective bargaining: strengthen faculty authority and control
  • Equitable summer salaries
  • Protection of tenure
  • Increased number of sabbaticals
  • Fair grievance procedure with independent arbitration: only members are represented by UFF in grievances
  • Protection of intellectual property rights
  • Phased retirement
  • Protection of academic freedom
  • Sick leave pool
  • Right to UFF representation in faculty/administrator meetings
  • Strict guidelines for nonrenewal, layoff and termination
  • Regular consultation with administration on faculty concerns
  • Annual assessment of administrators
  • Low-cost disability, auto and homeowners insurance
  • Recent UFF-FAU Activities
    • Through bargaining, we achieved a paid parental leave policy and partner benefits as well as a promotional system for Instructors and Lecturers
    • We are in the process of bargaining for raises, a dependent tuition waiver and against eroding rights of tenure


  • Recent State UFF Activities
    • Fighting against the loss of tenure for K-12 teachers
    • Critiquing inappropriate metrics to judge the university’s mission
    • Exposing the limits of Massive Open Online Courses in faculty autonomy and determination of the curriculum

Who can join?

Members of the Bargaining Unit-faculty, librarians, and other professionals at FAU.

How much does it cost?
Membership dues are 1% of the member’s gross salary.

What are the additional benefits of joining other than helping strengthen our cause by uniting with us?
In addition to grievance representation and a $1 million dollar professional liability policy, your membership in UFF also automatically makes you a member of the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, two of the most important national organizations vying for the profession today.

An investment in UFF protects not only your professional career, but enhances your economic well being. In addition to the professional liability insurance, UFF members have access to a variety of money-saving services. Each member accumulates free life and AD & D insurance and can take advantage of other services and programs including, low cost disability insurance, auto and homeowner policies, discount programs, consumer information and free financial planning services. For more on the many benefits available to UFF members visit AFT Plus Member Benefits, or call 1-800-238-1133, ext 8643, and NEA Member Benefits, telephone 1-800-637-4636.

Further, FEA provides an Attorney Referral Service with free consultation sessions and discounted fees for dues-paying UFF members. For a PDF list of participating attorneys in South Florida click here.

Important Notice

A major benefit of membership in UFF is the representation by an experienced UFF grievance representative in cases when your rights have been violated.

As of November 5, 2008, UFF cannot represent you in grievances if you were not a dues-paying union-member at the time a violation of your rights occurred.

What this means is that you cannot wait until “something happens” to join the union.

Again, how do I join UFF?

Please click here for the New Member form. After you have printed out and completed the document please sign and return it to the address below:

Robert Zoeller
UFF-FAU President
Department of Exercise Science
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road
Boca Raton, FL 33431


The Chapter President will ensure that the original goes to the FAU Personnel/Payroll Deduction Office, one copy goes to the UFF Office in Tallahassee, and one is retained by the Membership Committee.

How can retirees join UFF?

The annual dues for a retiree are $81.00. The NEA/FEA/UFF retired life member amount is $400.00 (NEA: $200; FEA: $100 and UFF $100). In order for you to receive the NEA life membership the member must pay the $400 before retiring from his position.




This organization shall be known as the Florida Atlantic University Chapter of the United Faculty of Florida.



Section 1. It is our objective to bring faculty and other professional employees of the university into a relationship of mutual assistance and cooperation with each other and with their colleagues at the other state universities of Florida, in order to obtain for them the rights, privileges, and rewards to which they are entitled by virtue of their employment.

Section 2. It is our objective to promote a democratization of the university that will enable members to better serve the people of the State of Florida.

Section 3. It is our objective to achieve and safeguard academic freedom.

Section 4. It is our objective to combat all forms of discrimination based on age, national origin, political belief, race, religion, or sex in the State University System.



Section 1. All faculty and other professional employees of the university shall be eligible for membership except as otherwise provided in this constitution.

Section 2. No one above the rank of Department Chairperson shall be eligible for membership.

Section 3. Associate membership, without the right to vote, shall be open upon the approval of the Executive Committee of the Chapter to retired teachers and others eligible for membership who withdraw from the profession and who wish to maintain affiliation.

Section 4. No discrimination shall ever be shown toward members or applicants for membership, because of age, national origin, political belief, race, religion, or sex.


Officers and Executive Committee

Section 1. The spring-semester membership meeting shall elect for a term of one year by secret ballot a President, a First Vice President, a Second Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. At the same time, those voting will elect Senators and Alternate Senators representing the Chapter at statewide UFF Senate meetings.

Section 2. The President of the Chapter shall be a voting member of the SUS Presidents’ Council of the United Faculty of Florida.

Section 3. The Executive Committee of the Chapter shall be composed of the elected officers, the elected senators, the immediate past president, the stewards, and chairpersons of Standing Committees.


Referenda and Recall

Section 1. Proposed actions, including amendments to the Constitution and recall of elected officers, shall be submitted to a referendum vote by order of a membership meeting or the Executive Committee, or by request of at least twenty percent of the members. The Executive Committee shall ensure that ample opportunity is given for pro and con arguments to be given to the membership and shall ensure that the membership has the opportunity to vote by a fair and secret ballot.



Section 1. This constitution may be amended as follows: The proposed amendment shall be mailed to the membership within 30 days of discussion at a membership meeting. A vote of 2/3 of the members voting by a written ballot distributed to all the membership shall be sufficient to adopt the amendment.



Rules of Order

Section 1. Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern in all cases not covered by the Constitution and Bylaws.



Section 1. Standing Committees shall be:

(1) Grievance Committee

(2) Membership Committee

(3) Political Action Committee

Section 2. The Chairperson of each Standing Committee shall be appointed by the President with the consent of a majority of the Executive Committee.


Selection of Senators to the United Faculty of Florida Senate

Section 1. The President is automatically a Senator representing the chapter at all statewide UFF Senate meetings. Additional Senators shall be elected by secret ballot on the occasion of the annual election of chapter officers. The number of Senators will be in conformity with the United Faculty of Florida Constitution and Bylaws. Candidates not elected to be Senators will serve as Alternate Senators.

Section 2. The members of the bargaining unit at the FAU Developmental Research School shall constitute a precinct electing its own representative to the UFF Senate. The DRS Senator will be a participating member of the Chapter Executive Committee.


Duties of Officers and Executive Committee

Section 1. The President shall preside at all membership meetings and all meetings of the Executive Committee. He or she shall be ex-officio member of all committees, shall sign all necessary documents and papers, and shall represent the Chapter. He or she shall make an annual report at the spring-semester membership meeting. All expenditures in excess of $100 shall be countersigned by the President.

Section 2. The First Vice President shall exercise those duties prescribed by the Executive Committee, and shall serve as Acting President in the event that the President is unable to perform his or her duties.

Section 3. The Second Vice President shall supervise chapter activities and publications.

Section 4. The Secretary shall keep minutes of Executive Committee and membership meetings and distribute or supervise the distribution of minutes as appropriate.

Section 7. The Treasurer shall be the chief financial officer of the Chapter, shall exercise supervision over the receipt and disbursement of all monies, properties, securities, and other evidence of financial worth of this organization, and shall prepare a financial statement each semester. He or she shall perform or supervise such operations under the direction of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall be bonded and his or her records audited each year.

Section 8. The Executive Committee shall administer the policies of the Chapter as set by the membership. It shall have the power to act for the good of the Chapter in emergency situations where policy cannot be set by the membership.

Section 9. The Executive Committee shall have the power to employ persons on a full or part-time basis. Any member of the United Faculty of Florida who is employed by the Chapter shall be paid a salary equivalent to what he or she would earn in the State University System.


Duties of Standing Committees

Section 1. All committees shall be under the direction of and report to the Executive Committee.

Section 2. The Grievance Committee shall keep records of and supervise all grievances.

Section 3. The Membership Committee shall work to increase membership in and support for the United Faculty of Florida.

Section 4. The Political Action Committee shall supervise and coordinate all political activities of the Chapter.



Section 1. At least one membership meeting shall be held in the fall and spring semesters. The election of officers shall take place at the spring-semester membership meeting scheduled to allow new officers to assume their offices by April 1.

Section 2. The Executive Committee shall hold regular biweekly meetings. Special meetings may be called by the President or a majority of the Executive Council. All meetings are open to the membership.

Section 3. Special membership meetings may be called by the Executive Committee or by petition of ten percent of the members of the Chapter.

Section 4. A quorum for all membership meetings shall be a number equivalent to the membership of the Executive Committee plus five.

Section 5. There will be a published notification and agenda for each membership meeting distributed ten days in advance.



Section 1. The Bylaws may be amended as follows: The proposed amendment shall be mailed to the membership within 30 days of discussion at a membership meeting. A majority vote of the members voting by a written ballot distributed to all the membership shall be sufficient to adopt the amendment.

(Constitution and bylaws as revised January, 1997)