Collective Bargaining

Beginning in 1976, the FAU faculty has several times overwhelmingly chosen UFF as its legal bargaining agent. Most recently, in 2003, seventy percent of the faculty authorized UFF to represent them in negotiating a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA, or “contract”) that specifies the terms and conditions of employment.

Your CBA covers things like tenure, evaluation procedures, leaves (including sabbaticals, professional development leaves, and paid parental leaves), job security, disciplinary procedures, fairness in assignment of responsibilities, intellectual property rights, and academic freedom, as well as specifying procedures for filing a grievance if you feel that any of these rights have been violated.

CBA 2018-2022

(Note that on this website all references to the CBA and bargaining, except where explicitly noted otherwise, refer to the General Faculty CBA, not the Henderson School Faculty CBA.)

Older versions of the CBA are in the archive.